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Affiliate.lk is an affiliate marketing network based in the beautiful island of Sri-Lanka. We are a platform that helps to connect merchants to consumers with the help of affiliates. We track when a website visitor turns into a buying customer. Affiliate.lk is the ultimate affiliate tracking solution for any e-commerce website and online affiliates.

Affiliate marketing requires three participants. Advertisers (online retailers), affiliates (online marketers) and consumers (online customers). It is the process of finding new customers for retailers on the web, which allow affiliates to earn a commission for every sale that has been made.

An affiliate marketing network is a platform which provides the technology to keep track of conversions with reporting tools. It bridges the gap between advertisers and publishers. Affiliates can find specific offers from advertisers which they can promote to consumers on their websites or in their advertising campaigns. It allows advertisers to reach a larger target audience, while offering a commission in return. Registration is free for both advertisers and affiliates. Sign up now.

Affiliate marketing offers are programs which advertisers want to promote. They can come in different forms, but they always include an agreed upon price after a conversion took place. This can be a percentage or a fixed price depending on the model used.

Every moment a website visitor turns into a buying customer, a conversion happened. For example, the website visitor bought an Iphone 5s from a webshop. The visitor converted into a buying customer.

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